Armando Mesías
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Armando Mesías is a Colombian artist based in Barcelona.


His current body of work explores the studio environment as a metaphor for the passing of time and memory.

The marks, texts and layers on the pieces become a tell-tale for having been born in Colombia, and subsequently moving to different locations across Europe. His painting technique develops from drawing, bringing it to an unexpected scale and dimensions that exalt the impromptu steps of the process. His work reflects on engagement and detachment as a constant confrontation and struggle.


Armando’s work focuses on portraits as a gateway to self reflection.


Armando explores different sides of human interaction and behavior through painting specializing mainly on large scale portraits, each of which reflects on different aspects of relationships: engaging, remembering and ultimately letting go. For him, portraits are a gateway to self reflection. “The model doesn't interest me as much, as it is the image each viewer constructs upon experiencing my work.”





Calle de L'Hospital 91
Barcelona, Spain

t. (34) 687 023 457

Armando Mesías
Cali, Colombia (1986)

BA Industrial Design
Universidad ICESI (Colombia)

MA Illustration
University of the Arts London (UK)

Classical Drawing & Painting
XIX Century Programme
Barcelona Academy of Art (Spain)

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