T H E . D E V I L . I S . I N . T H E . D E T A I L S
This is the work developed for my final MA show at Camberwell College of Arts.

The Devil Is in the Details, is a series of illustrations inspired by bizarre tales of urban Cali, Santeria, the characters, the prayers, the dark days of drug trafficking and a couple of stories of our reality that many people are clueless .

The idea was to develop a narrative from portraits of the main characters in these stories. Many are known, like the Garabato or Jovita, and there are a couple that are more generic, that happened to your dad's friend, neighbor or aunt. It was a great challenge and the result of much exploration to be able to leave out some formats and schemas that were in my head, and to do a job to stay away from my comfort zone and be less abstract and personal.

All stories are ghosts we carry and we remember a dark side of our history, which is not necessarily bad, but sometimes we forget that we repress and is also part of what makes us unique.