Colombian art director and visual artist. He has worked for the film, music and fashion industry developing projects of visual identity and illustration. 

His work has been showcased in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, France, USA and Portugal among others. He got his bachelor in design at ICESI University in Colombia. MA from Camberwell College
of Arts in London, post-graduate from Innovation and Design Thinking at Barcelona Design Centre University BAU. He is currently enrolled in the XIX Century programe at the Barcelona Academy of Art.

He works and lives in Barcelona, Spain.


Armando Mesias explores the portrait as a storytelling device; understanding it as a device for non-linear narrative that doesn't respond to one unique timeline. The integration of abstraction within boundaries of human features drives the audience into making sense of the 'gaps' in the figure, and create their own interpretations. 

His work is marked by a juxtaposition of contrasting visual concepts such as chromaticism and desaturation, figuration and abstraction, control and chaos, thus achieving to create pieces that seem alive and full of history and accidents. His technique develops through a free and dynamic use of colour over detailed work. First very realistic and quite figurative, his style slowly evolves towards exploring more abstract components inside his images. 

The artist constantly reminds the viewer that aesthetic research and technical exploration serve as a means for personal reflection. He wants to revive an art that is inclusive and intimate, based in impressions and emotions. Mesias’ artworks enable anyone to take part in an enjoyable perceptive journey, feel intrigued and invited to discover and propose their own ideas about the artist, the artwork and, more importantly, about themselves. Every piece is a medium for a personal experience.

Evgeniya Uvaydulaeva

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